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We purchased Duff (Oreo) from Sarah (Puppy Paws Colorado) in the summer of 2020.  We could not have asked for a more phenomenal experience with a breeder.  Sarah obviously loves dogs and puts her heart into each and every one of the puppies and dogs around her.  Her dogs are very loved and well cared for.  Duff is an amazing companion dog and so very smart that he is going to make a terrific therapy dog someday.  Duff was well socialized starting right away and this has helped make a seamless transition into our home with children and in a neighborhood with many other dogs.  I would recommend anybody to work with Sarah on getting a puppy into their home as she was outstanding and we would absolutely go to her again if we were ready to add another family member.


We met Sarah (and doodle mom Georgia) about 8 months ago and purchased our beloved twin doodle sisters from Georgia's August 2021 litter.  They are amazing, wonderful members of our family now and I don't think a day goes by that my wife and I don't comment how lucky and fortunate we were to have found Sarah and her family puppy breeding business.  

For anyone looking for a REPUTABLE AND RESPONSIBLE breeding program, this is it.  After meeting Sarah and being introduced to the Bad Ass Breeder program, I can tell you that I'll never buy from another breeder that isn't part of the program (or who at least adheres to similar tenets and concepts). 

When we got our babies, Maisie ("Candy Corn") and Callie ("Taffy") from Sarah, they had already undergone lots of socialization and training that is so important during a new puppy's first 8 weeks of life.  Not only were they essentially potty trained already, but they were also amazingly socialized - desensitized to common sounds, sights, and experiences that can otherwise frighten or make puppies anxious going into a new home.  This intentional commitment to socialization and early training of the puppies is an enourous amount of work by Sarah and her family and it shows up every day now with our adorable, well behaved, and well trained Doods.

In addition to the above our Doodle puppies also benefitted from a kennel free first 8 weeks that allowed them to transition to our house and lifestyle much more fluidly.  Moreover the intensive genetic testing that Sarah had done prior to breeding combined with the frequent health and medical checks including vaccinations, microchipping, and pet insurance that was in place and ready to go from day one ensured the best possible start for these dogs.  

Throughout multiple visits to Sarah's home to see the puppies before picking them out and ultimately integrating them into our home and life, we were not only comfortable with but completely convinced we had found the best possible setup and conditions to ensure that puppies would have every advantage possible for their health, socialization, and training in order to allow them to reach their full potential and live their best lives possible.  

Finally, I have to say that after working with Sarah and Puppy Paws Colorado in selecting these pups and transitioning them into our home and lives, my wife and I can both clearly see the myriad glaring issues resented by other breeders and programs who are not as responsible and meticulous in their efforts at caring for the dogs and laying the proper foundation for every litter's well being.  With Puppy Paws CO, once you've decided to work with them there's no worries - you can relax knowing that your future family member is in good hands and the support will be there long after you take your puppy home.  

Sarah and her family business are fantastic and w regard them as not only friends but now our family too because of the wonderful start she gave our babies.  



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