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We have been involved with breeding dogs throughout our lives.

It all started when I was just a kid, we found an amazing breeder in Nebraska and bought our first puppy.  We bought an English Springer Spaniel puppy as my dad trained them in field trials and used them to hunt pheasant and quail. I used our Springer Spaniels in 4H, competing in both obedience and showmanship and advancing to the state competition level held in Pueblo, CO.  We decided to breed and had 3 generations of English Springer Spaniels at home.

My first job was also at a Labrador Retriever breeding kennel.  I cleaned all of the whelping kennels and puppy runs as well as the large dog runs. I truly had (and still do) a passion for dogs and animals even job shadowing a veterinarian in Highschool.

Surprisingly I did not pursue becoming a veterinarian and headed off to college where I earned my Bachelor’s in Psychology.  After graduating I got a job, got married and had a family. I was still a huge animal lover and always had several at home.

Eventually I bought my first Goldendoodle.  I was obsessed with the breed and was elated to have one of my own. Her name is Georgia and she is the most amazing kind, sweet and laid back dog.  This is when I decided to go back into breeding. I wanted to share how amazing this breed was with so many other people. I networked with other breeders, and started taking classes on puppy curriculum as well as genetics. Eventually I fell in love with sheepadoodles as one of my mentors bred this line.  She was retiring and offered my an opportunity I could refuse, to add the sheepadoodles to my program! Finally, as you all know my journey started with Spaniels. That’s when I discovered the Cavapoo breed (Cavalier King  Charles Spaniel crossed with a poodle). We searched high and low looking for the right breeder with the right puppy to join our program. That’s when we found Callie our Cuddle Cavapoo! And Puppy Paws Colorado was complete.  Our journey then turned to finding the right location to grow our program. That’s when we moved to Fort Lupton, CO. We have just over 3 acres and love having the space to let our dogs run. 

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