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At Puppy Paws Colorado we follow the Badass Breeder Program by Jeanette Forrey with 4E Kennels.  When I came back to breeding I was looking for a curriculum that goes above and beyond the basic care of our puppies.  I was truly inspired by Jeanette and her team.

Badass Breeder by Jeanette Forrey

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Puppy Paws Colorado is extremely excited to have earned our Blue Ribbon Level with GANA.  This means we are committed to following the top breeding practices to ensure we are brining in the best quality with our program. To learn more about GANA or to register your puppy check them out HERE.

Goldendoodle Association of North America (GANA)


At Puppy Paws Colorado we are proud to partner with Baxter & Bella - an online puppy school with lifetime membership.  We truly believe it training your dog and knowing how to properly train your dog to be a successful member of your family.  We highly recommend the team with Baxter & Bella to support you in these efforts. You can use our code PPC25 for a 25% off membership.  Check them out HERE.

Baxter & Bella

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